A.I.S Industries has been servicing the commercial industry for over 20 years throughout the country. Our vast knowledge and capabilities in metal fabrication in our state of the art facility make us a leader in architectural metals, custom handrails, and all types of break metal applications.

Architectural Metalsarchitectural-metals

We can help you select not just the right decorative metal sheet for your application, but also the appropriate grade and finish for your desired aesthetic and the buildings ultimate appearance.

Custom Handrailcustom-handrails

A.I.S Industries has designed and fabricated a multitude of handrail systems for use on balcony, decks and stairs, as well as swimming pools. The railing systems are manufactured to be both functional and decorative, harmonizing visually with any environment. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet the visual demands of modern architecture while answering client concerns about increased safety and functionality.

Break Metalbreak-metal

We offer a variety of break metal materials with the technology to produce an unlimited number of shapes and sizes to meet all your break metal needs.